Basil Barnett

Basil Barnett has provided Management consulting support for over 20 years, mostly at Board level. Clients have ranged from International well known Companies to small local businesses. Assignments have included nearly every aspect of IT and management.

Experience has shown that within one day, it is frequently possible to provide evidence that, for its computer systems, one or more of the following are true. The Company:

Basil Barnett has considerable experience in assisting the Company to remove these risks as fast as possible and to move to a new level of IT expertise and management control. One major aspect of this is the formulation, installation and maintenance of an Acceptable usage policy (AUP).

Basil provides, completely free of charge, a Quality Control review. He has also developed mathematical models to find and highlight logical errors, omissions and inconsistencies in a system specification.

Basil provides a monthly newsletter providing examples of management problems arising from the use of IT. To subscribe, just send a message via the ‘contact us’ box on the next page. A blog is attached to this website and includes most of the earlier newsletters.

The following pages provide further information and an address to contact him.