Rules for the use of a Company computer system

The home page of this website listed some of the problems for Company senior management in the control of a Computer system. The impact of these problems can be minimized by the formalization of a clear set of rights and responsibilities for each of the Company and the system user. Through extensive experience with previous clients, Basil has developed a method for minimizing the risks created by the use of a computer system.

It is based on the assumption that a set of procedures for all staff and other appropriate persons already exists for those procedures that are relevant to both users and non-users of the system. Such procedures include procedures for management of disciplinary actions, grievances, harassment and Health and Safety (including lifting of any equipment [including computer related]). If these procedures are not yet in place, Basil will help you design, install and maintain them.

There are three parts to this method:

The method is based on the customization of a template for what is generally referred to as an AUP – Acceptable user policy to take account of the business objectives and culture of the client. For example, one Client, for good reasons, may decide to forbid the use of Facebook on the Company system. Another Client, for equally good reasons, may need to use Facebook for its marketing to its customers. The end result, in each case, is an Acceptable user policy that is appropriate and effective for the Client.

The next step is to ensure that the initial version is effectively installed. Aspects of this installation include:

Finally, Basil can work with the Client to ensure that there are procedures in place to monitor the use of the AUP and to maintain it to meet new threats and requirements.